Bio-STAR HydroCarb is a unique product developed to clean and biodegrade oil spills on hard surfaces (asphalt and concrete). Its formula contains biodegradable surfactants and a specialized blend of micro organisms, nutrients and growth stimulants that enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacterial populations.


  1. Cleans and degrades oil spills on hard surfaces – concrete, asphalte
  2. Cleans and degrades oil spills on soils
  3. Cleans oil stains on tools and equipment


  1. Seeds contaminated sites with beneficial bacteria
  2. Cleans surfaces polluted with hydrocarbons
  3. Cleans oily equipements, tools and vehicules
  4. Contains no petroleum distillate or solvent
  5. Contains microbial nutrients
  6. Speed up biodegradation


Bacterial count 7.6 x 109 cfu/gallon US
pH range 7.0 – 9.0
% volatil ingredient 0
Water solubility 99%
Boiling point >100°C
Flash point Non flammable
Appearance Creamy white liquid
Odour Floral scent