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For Sonic Solutions transducer optimal performance, we take into account the distance ultrasounds must travel, and not the volume of water. Speed at which algae are destroyed depends on the type of algea to be treated: it can take from a few days to a few weeks.The transducer of the Sonic Solutions hangs in the water, about 12 cm below the surface, mounted under a float of modern design that blends into the water. Because of the way the transducer (underwater speaker) hangs in the water, the sound waves will be reflected by the water surface and will travel through the entire volume of water up to each device’s specific reach.

The Sonic Solutions devices are economical to use because of low energy consumption, while considerably reducing costs of numerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

All devices have been carefully tested by renowned institutions, and are appreciated by thousand of users throughout the world. Currently, these devices are the easiest and most efficient method of controlling all types of either free-floating or rooted algae.

Ultrasounds | Control of algae and cyanobacteria
Sonic Solutions


Where can SonicSolutions® devices be used?

Different models of the SonicSolutions® devices are designed to cover from 10 to 150 meters, so one or a combination of several devices can effectively treat bodies of water of various sizes :

Quelles sont les applications de SonicSolutions®?

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • ppols
  • Water gardens
  • Drinking water storages
  • Cooling towers
  • Water purifying systems

  • Water storages for the horticulture industry
  • Irrigations systems for the market garden industry
  • Recycling water containers
  • Raceways/pools for fish farming and hydroponics
  • Waste water recycling plants


Currently, the SonicSolutions® devices are the greenest, most efficient and least expensive method for controlling all types of either free-floating or rooted algae in various sizes of water bodies. These devices are certified by NSF and are registered under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The SonicSolutions® Algae Control device emits ultrasonic waves that “fan out” at approximately 180o from the front of the transducer (see Figure 1). The nutrient level, turbidity, shape of the body of water and the closeness to the equator may affect the coverage area. The potential coverage for the SS 400 model can be as much as 1.5 acres and for the SS 500 model up to 3 acres.

Set up your device to provide the optimal exposure of the ultrasonic waves to the body of water you are treating. Place close to the edge as sonic waves extend only in front of the transducer unit. Large installations and certain shapes of ponds or lakes may require installation of more than one device. Multiple devices can be installed at opposite sides of a lake or pond or attached together pointing in different directions, depending on your site requirements (see Figure 2).

The SonicSolutions® device, like all ultrasonic devices, is a “line of sight” technology. Ultrasonic sound waves will not go around corners or navigate around islands that may be in your body of water. Ultrasonic sound waves reflect or bounce off of hard surroundings, such as concrete, rip-rap, and large rocks.

Technical data

Models Power Input UL Approved
Power Supply
SS 100 US 105-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4 Amps E249834 Small tanks & ornemental ponds
SS 100-24* US 24V DC, 0.2 Amps
SS 200 US 105-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4 Amps E249834
SS 200-24* US 24V DC, 0.25 Amps
SS 400 US 105-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4 Amps E249834 NSF/ANSI 61 350 ft/108 m
SS 400-24* US 24V DC, 0.3 Amps NSF/ANSI 61 350 ft/108 m
SS 500 US 105-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 Amps E249834 NSF/ANSI 61 500 ft/154 m
SS 500-24* US 24V DC, 0.3 Amps NSF/ANSI 61 500 ft/154 m
SS 600 US 105-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.6 Amps E249834 NSF/ANSI 61 600 ft/182 m
SS 600-24* US 24V DC, 0.7 Amps NSF/ANSI 61 600 ft/182 m

* 24 volts units are compatible with any 24 volts DC power source