Control aquatic plant growth in a given body of water

No more muddy beaches, algae-clogged marinas, weed-infested artificial pools!

  • Ecological and safe
  • No special tools required
  • Allows for gas exchange between water and sediments
  • Very tough and long-lasting
  • Light and easy to install
  • No significant production of plant fragments occurs during application; no spoil disposal required
  • Barrier installation generally not inhibited by subterranean conditions

This revolutionary, environmentally sound solution is easy to install and gives results within 21 to 40 days when installed onto water plants. When installed in early spring, the Aquascreen™ gives instant results!

Large-scale treatment techniques, such as harvesting, rototilling (bottom tillage) and suction dredging, are ineffective or too costly for intensive management usually needed for docking sites, swimming areas, and private ponds. Herbicide use is also inappropriate in many cases due to potential conflict with other water uses, such as domestic consumption, irrigation, and fisheries.