Bio-STAR AcidePro is a powerful low pH (<1) cleaner made from an organic salt. It has all the advantages of a conventional acid without the health and safety concerns. It is non-fuming, non-corrosive and non-regulated for transportation purposes. Classified as mild irritant, it contains no phosphate and no volatile organic carbon. AcidePro is particularly effective in removing calcium deposit, rust stains and to clean ceramic grout. It is very versatile and replaces all toxic acid products.


  1. Rust stain remover
  2. Concrete floor cleaner
  3. Grout cleaner
  4. Tub and tile cleaner
  5. Descaler/delimer
  6. Boat hull cleaner
  7. toilet reservoir cleaner
  8. Metal cleaner


  1. Cleans rusty stains
  2. Dissolves calcareous deposits
  3. Cleans ceramic grout
  4. Non-fuming acid replacement
  5. Excellent replacement for phosphoric and nitric acid


Active ingredients: Organic salt
Phosphate free
pH 0.7 to 1.0
Appearance Turbid liquid
Odour Lemony
Stability permanente