Consortium of selectively adapted Bacillus strains combined with enzymes, surfactant and cleaning agents to provide an exceptional microbial degradation of grease and organics as well as cleaning and deodorizing. Citadin+ is mainly sprayed on hard surfaces; sinks, bath tub and shower walls, toilet, countertops. Citadin+ is the ideal maintenance product to assist and reinforce septic system treatment and manure evacuation system.


Bathroom Cleans and deodorizes faucets, countertops, bathtub, toilet, and floor.
Carpet and fabric Cleans and removes odours and stains caused by milk, juice, coffee, wine, vomit, urine, feces, blood and much more.
Laundry Organic stains remover.
Grease trap Degrades grease accumulated in the trap and controls odours.
Septic system Maintains the septic system and reduces odours.
Manure management Removes surface crust, cleans and deodorize floors and accessories.


  1. Quick and natural cleaning action
  2. Controls bad odours
  3. Removes and degrades organic residues
  4. Non corrosive


Bacteria count 5.4 x 107 cfu/ml
Bacteria type Consortium of Bacillus
Biological pathways Aerobic and anaerobic
Pathogenic bacteria Salmonella/Shigella free
pH range 5.0 – 9.5
Temperature range 3º – 63º C
Appearance Creamy white liquid
Odour parfumed
Stability 2 years (2°– 35° C)