Bio-STAR FL+ is a concentrated blend of naturally occurring micro organisms, enzymes and micronutrients specifically developed to liquefy, digest and deodorize animal waste. It enhances the hydrolysis and bio-oxidation process in manure to reduce odorous reactions and improves its overall quality for better practice management.


  1. Used for all types of manure
  2. Confinement areas
  3. Evacuation systems
  4. Manure pits and lagoons


  1. Improves and enhances the biological digestion of animal wastes.
  2. Improves consistency of manure for pumping
  3. Reduces formation of bad odours
  4. Reduces volume of organic residues
  5. Reduces cost of manure management
  6. Maximizes the fertilizer value of manure
  7. Improves internal land and external air quality


Bacterial count 5 x 109 cfu/gram
Bacteria type Consortium of Bacillus and Pseudomonas
Biological pathways Aerobic and anaerobic
Pathogenic bacteria Salmonella/Shigella free
pH range 5.0 – 9.8
Temperature range 3º – 63º C
Appearance Tan powder
Enzymatic production Lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase
Stability 2 years (2°– 35° C)