Bio-STARTM GB combines a new patented technology of oil and grease degradation with its continuous seeding system. Bio-STAR GB dissolves slowly in water gradually liberating microbial growth stimulant and a synergistic bacterial mixture selected for its high digestive capacity. Used on a regular basis, this system greatly improves active degradation of oil and grease and reduces their accumulation on surfaces, lift stations, and grease trap, while decreasing the production of odors.


  1. Small sewer systems and grease trap
  2. High load grease trap
  3. Maintenance of small lift stations and sewer systems.


  1. Slow-release block allowing continuous seeding for grease traps and sewer system.
  2. Break down oil and grease and bad odors
  3. Provides an effective treatment without the expense and maintenance of automatic dosing systems.
  4. Uses and releases of natural microorganisms and bio-stimulating agents.
  5. Reduces maintenance costs.
  6. Treatment lasting up to one month.
  7. Easy to use and inexpensive.


Bacterial count  4 x 109 cfu/gram
Bacterial type Consortium of  Bacillus
Biological pathways Aerobic and facultative anaerobic
Pathogenic bacteria Salmonella/Shigella free
pH range 6.0 – 8.5
Effective temperature range 6º – 45º C
Appearance Cylindrical block
Shelf life 1 year,  between 2° – 35° C