Bio-STAR Industrie is a selectively adapted natural occurring bacteria blend designed to degrade a large spectrum of chemical compounds present in industrial wastewater. Its unique concentrated formula efficiently digest phenolic compounds, surfactants and other industrial wastes and improves biological treatment systems.


  1. Steel making and coking
  2. Textile plant
  3. Pharmaceutical manufacture
  4. Food processing industry (dairy, fruit, poultry, vegetable oil, starch…)
  5. Chemical manufacture (paint, phenolic resins, rubber, lubricants…)
  6. Secteur chimique (peinture, résine phénolique, caoutchouc, lubrifiants…).


  1. Degrades a large spectrum of chemical compounds
  2. Assures a maximum rate of organic removal
  3. Assures a maximum growth and use rates in organic overloads
  4. Improves degradation of solvents, mineral oils and pharmaceutical wastes
  5. Reduces bad odours by degrading malodorous organic acids and organic sulphur compounds


Bacterial count 5 x 109 cfu/gram
Bacteria type Consortium of Bacillus and Pseudomonas
Biological pathways Aerobic and facultative anaerobic
Enzymatic production Lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase
Pathogenic bacteria Salmonella/Shigella free
pH range 6.0 – 8.5
Temperature range 5º – 45ºC
Appearance Tan powder
Stability 1 year between 2º – 35ºC