BIO-STAR™ MD & MD+ is a bio-enzymatic product in granule, denser than water, designed specially to sink and degrade organic waste and muck in natural ponds and wastewater
treatment plants. Its enriched formula accelerates and improves the degradation of the organic matter and is also efficient in reducing suspended solids and bad smells.


  • Biodegrades accumulated organic matter
  • Prevents and reduces algae formation
  • Clarifies pond and lake water
  • Reduces ammonia and eliminates bad organic odours
  • Improves aquatic environment
  • Re-establishes a natural and healthy aquatic ecosystem


  • Water gardens
  • Ponds and lakes
  • Aquaculture
  • Wastewater treatment plant and septic tank


Bacterial count1 x 10cfu/gram5 x 10cfu/gram
Bacteria typeConsortium of BacillusConsortium of Bacillus
Biological pathwaysAerobic and facultative anaerobicAerobic and facultative anaerobic
Pathogenic bacteriaSalmonella/Shigella freeSalmonella/Shigella free
pH range5.5- 9.05.5- 9.0
Temperature range6º – 45º C6º – 45º C
AppearanceBrown pelletsBrown pellets
Stability2 year between 2°– 35° C2 year between 2°– 35° C