General maintenance and odor control

Bio-STAR biotechnological products are not miracle products, they are simply products obtained from integrating science to nature, allowing us to take advantage of the benefits of natural bacteria at an accelerated rate. Stemming from biochemical innovation, they are made up of a consortium of selectively adapted natural bacteria, enzymes, and cleaning agents that provide in-depth cleaning while also deodorizing.

Septic systems and organic residues

The performance of a septic system and drain field is directly linked to natural bacteria that can percolate in the soil, and to the presence of oxygen. However, our cold climate, with frozen or saturated soil, inhibits their positive action, prompting plugging, accumulation of solids, and backing up. Adding selectively adapted strains of bacteria will ensure a purifying bacterial flora that is effective all year long and will improve the quality of treatment while reducing the accumulation of solids and maintaining the system’s healthiness.

Septic tank Bio-STAR RS
Outhouse Bio-STAR RS and RS-cBio-STAR Citadin+
Grease trap Bio-STAR Munibac, Bio-STAR Citadin+, Bio-STAR GB
Cleaning of surfaces, washbasins, faucets, bathtubs, floors Bio-STAR Citadin+
Unpleasant odors, waste containers, carpets Bio-STAR Fraîcheur