Ammonia degradation

The nitrification process is a complex, sensitive, and slow reaction that requires specific environmental conditions in order to work.
The most common bacterial strains involved in the transformation of ammonia to nitrate are from the genus Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. These sensitive strains require a strict aerobic environment and sufficient alkalinity to perform the conversion. They are slow to reproduce and may be easily inhibited by cold water temperature or the presence of an inhibitory organic load (BOD).
Bio-STAR NitroBac contains a bacterial consortium that allows rapid recovery of nitrification and the process maintenance in optimal conditions.

However, if the inhibitory conditions are maintained (high BOD, temperature, toxic environment) and that ammonia is the target element to treat, Bio-STAR Industrie is what you need. Composed of heterotrophic strains, especially developed to thrive in difficult environments, the bacteria in Bio-STAR Industrie have the ability to fix ammonia directly in their metabolism.


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