About Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc.

Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc. is a company specializing in biological treatment of organic waste through a bacterial bioaugmentation process. The company carries a complete line of products for a most varied range of applications and offers a unique environmental expertise. These biotechnological tools, combined with the company’s know-how, allows us to address and treat very specific problems in the municipal, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors. The real challenge is to offer the best product, at the best price, for a specific application. Our products possess an ISO 9002 certification and all the strains are registered with the Domestic Substances List (DSL) of Environment Canada. This new regulation garanties the quality and the compliance of our biotechnological products, allowing us to face the market with confidence and professionalism.

Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc. advocates problem solutions based on an integrated approach combining our expertise to the pre-adapted products. We believe that is essential to produce a diagnosis before any treatment recommendation and to understand the particular environment in order to recommend a specific product the targeted results. This company’s genuine character allowed us to customize our customer service and satisfy its clientele to the highest degree.

Our story

Mr. Andre Proulx graduated from McGill University in 1984 as an agronomist concentrating in Renewable Resources. He worked for six years as Chief Operations Manager in an environmental laboratory conducting analytical testing in both chemistry and microbiology. This also included managing environmental and land management organizations implementing various forms of bioaugmentation. In 1990 Andre established his own company Les Traitements Bio-Bac Inc., a consulting and distribution company of bio-enzymatic products. With his formal academic education, depth of experience, and access to high quality bacterial products, Andre can assess environmental situations, apply scientific solutions and supply biological products with specific guidance to ensure maximum performance. His implementation strategy combined with cutting-edge technology specializing in bioaugmentation offers his customers advanced solutions in:

  • Treatment of liquid and solid manure
  • Improved performance of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Reduction of ammonia and improvement of nitrification in WWTP (wastewater treatment)
  • Reduction of accumulated sludge in WWTP
  • Control growth of algae and cyanobacteria in ponds and lakes
  • Control of invasive aquatic species

The above areas of expertise are examples of Andre’s ability to adapt modern technology to age old problems and exceed customers’ expectations.