The Power of biotechnology for better wastewater biology

Are you looking for effective solutions to maintain/treat your water bodies? Find everything you need with Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc. from Estrie

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More than
30 years of experience

Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc. is a consulting and distribution company of biotechnological tools offering cutting-edge solutions adapted to problems related to aquatic environment.

We have the know-how and the state-of-the-art products to achieve your objectives, offering you an innovative, environmentally friendly and economical approach.

Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc. has been building a relation of trust with its customers since 1990.


The power of biotechnology

  • Bacterial bioaugmentation
  • Bio-enzymatic products
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • FOG Degradation
  • Hydrocarbons degradation
  • Odor control
  • Organic sludge degradation
  • Nitrification improvement
  • Leach fields maintenance (septic system)
  • Manure treatment 
  • Ultrasonic algae control
  • Control of algae and cyanobacteria
  • Invasive Aquatic Plant Control
  • Aquascreen
  • Grease trap maintenance

Our solutions

Wastewater treatment optimization

Natural bacteria with superior enzymatic capacities to optimize the degradation of organic matter.

Other solutions

Bio-STAR: products resulting of the integration of science to nature that allow you to take advantage of augmented skills of natural bacteria in an accelerated manner.

Excellent service and advice! Thank you!!!
– Joanie Corbeil