The unique and singular source of wastewater of the industrial sector makes the effectiveness of biological treatment sometimes very problematic. Spontaneous appearance of purifying bacteria does not exist. A complex and complete bacterial biomass is needed to achieve the treatment to meet the discharge requirements.

It is therefore more than necessary to inoculate the good resistant strains whose superior enzymatic capacities will produce results quickly. This is exactly what Bio-STAR Industrie offers you.

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The challenges of industrial wastewater

Bio-STAR Industrie  is composed of multiple species of Bacillus and Pseudomonas which have been selected for their genetic and enzymatic characteristics to degrade a multitude of organic compounds.

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The issues most often encountered in industrial wastewater are high concentrations of COD and ammonia nitrogen. Bio-STAR Industrie was developed for these conditions.

Under high concentrations of COD, nitrification cannot be established due to its inhibitory effect on nitrifying bacteria. In such a case, as long as the nutritional ratio of wastewater (C:N:P) is respected and maintained, optimal yield of bacterial bioaugmentation will be maintained. Under the right pH conditions, ammonia nitrogen will be assimilated by the metabolic process of Bio-STAR Industrie heterotrophic bacteria.

Furthermore, if the treatment facilities allow the nitrification process to take place, then Bio-STAR Nitrobac+ (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) will have to be inoculated, since these bacteria are not naturally present in wastewater.

The challenges of the food industry

The agri-food industry generates wastewater characterized by Fats, Oils and Greae (FOG), caseins, proteins which constitute the majority of the nitrogenous components of milk, and high COD. The addition of complementary products to Bio-STAR Industrie may then prove necessary to improve and accelerate the assimilation of the material by the bacteria. This is the case, among others, of the enzymatic product Bio-STAR QZ-L, the surfactant Bio-STAR QZ-P or Bio-STAR BJ, which solubilizes recalcitrant COD.